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Tip Of The Day: Learn In Baby Steps

Overwhelmed by all the photographic locutions like agitation, depth of field and parallax? Confused by the difference between effective aperture and limiting aperture? Don’t be alarmed. It is overwhelming, at first.

Regardless of whether you’re moving from digital to film or have just picked up your very first film camera, there are hundreds, if not thousands of terms which can cause confusion.

Learn in steps - don’t try and master everything at once. The trick is to focus on one thing and complete it before moving on and tackling something else.

It may sound like simple advice but in this day and age of “art" filter modes, "shoot-from-the-hip" attitudes and hyperactive spec sheets, it’s far too easy to zone out and and stop thinking of the little things that go into turning a good photo into a great photo.

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts on photographic glossaries - and how they can help you and your photography.