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Tip Of The Day #1: Never Take Your Finger Off The Shutter

You simply never know what will come into view or when that moment will appear. People wonder why we carry cameras tied around our wrists when we’re walking down a street or out for a seemingly innocuous walk. This is why. 

People like us crave images: we all have our own genres and themes which we connect with. We see hundreds of “photos” every day, at least 90% of the ones I see are magnitudes better than what I actually manage to record on camera. 

The problem is: by the time we’ve swung our camera round, removed the lens cap, hit the ON switch, set the aperture, set the shutter speed, cocked the shutter - we’ve missed it. Rewind and remove the previous points only if you carry your camera pre-focused, cocked and held in your hand by your side. Even then, the swing of camera to eye usually means you’ve missed that initial moment that first piqued your interest.

It’s not to look cool with a big chunk of expensive plastic-metal-composite (we passed that moment in our early twenties), it’s not to scare young children or old people, and it’s not for us to feel like we’re getting our money’s worth - we do it because our brains are wired in such a way we can’t wait for the day when we can digitally record images directly off our retinas.

Taken with a Mamiya 6 and 50mm f/4, a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 - and a hankering for idling standing by waiting for that moment. This was shot in Osaka, Japan.